Congrats to my assistant, Emily Smith on an incredible start to her partnership with Firmamento!
She and Firmy have been High Point at every show they've attended since getting together in May. This is Emily's debut at 4th level

Golden State Dressage Classic CDI  - 71.8%
Starr Vaughn Summer Dressage I - 69.7%
Golden State Warm-up Cool Down - 70.6

2018 CDS Jr Championships

to Emily Smith and Abby Ruppert on their success at NorCal Jr's!!

Emily and Firmamento were 1st @ 4th Level 
Abby and Aldente were 4th @ Training Level

2018 LEGIS League Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to Abby and Ali on winning the Training Level Junior Invitational 
And to both Abby and Harriet for winning their division in the  LEGIS League Final 
at Starr Vaughn!!

2017 CDS Championships

5th Place CDS HOY AA PSG

Lynn McGourty & Tiolivi


  • Champion - Region 7 Junior Rider 1st Level Championship
  • Champion - CDS Jr/Yr 1st Level Championship
  • 10th place - USDF Year End Awards 1st Level Jr/Yr

Mckenzie Kelley and Fuerst Hit

  • Champion - CDS Jr/Yr 3rd Level Championship
  • 4th place - JR/YR CDS Dressage Seat Eq. Challenge - 14 - 21

Marcy Morse and Sante

National Championships:

Brentina Cup
Maya Dalla Valle & Tiolivi

Micheala Nelson & Galena

Markell Young Horse Finals - 5 yr olds
Gundi Younger & Bakara


Maya Dalla Valle


Whiteney Hischier

Harriett Shannon

Lynn McGourty

Additional Silver Medalists:
Michaela Nelson
Debbie Peecook
Juliana Schmidt
Jessica Miller
Jan Bauman
Elizabeth Lewis
Mckenzie Kelley
Vicki Von Arx


Marcy Morse

Dr. Tracy Rainwaters

Alexa Kelley

Additional Bronze Medalists:

Debbie Peecook
Jan Bauman
Mckenzie Kelley
Micheala Nelson
Laine Muir
Elise Cutini
Allie Walewski
Vicki Von Arx
Lynn McGourty
Whitney Hischier
Stefanie Mortimer
Laurie Danier

Other Successful Students:

Emily Smith

Britni Sandberg

Kathy Walsh

Karen Owyeung

Gabby Glumac

Juliette Jeanty

Amanda Salter-Yuh

Livia Winnet

Taylor Cunningham

Bobbie Harder

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