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Tracey is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist.  These medals were achieved on horses that she trained herself! 

Above is a picture of Aldente at Woodside where they received a score of 71% in the Grand Prix!

In 2010 they were invited to the USEF Elite Rider clinic and were on the USEF Long List.

Tracey has worked at several top facilities over the years.  Above is a picture of Chalk Hill Winery where she was the private trainer for the Furth family from 2007-2010.  She was a key member in helping design their state of the art facility.

In 2001 and 2002 Tracey lived in Germany and worked for the prestigious Bockmann Hengst Station in Lastrup.  She studied under the tutelage of Master Bereiter Ralf Hannover who was a student of the late great Herbert Rehbein.

While there, she had the good fortune to get the ride on 3 of their stallions:  Quattro B, Askar and Farewell.  In the annual stallion presentation at Vechta, she was honored to represent both Quattro and Askar.  That evening she performed a Pas de Deux on
Quattro side by side with Olympian Kristy Oatley and
Quattro's son Quando Quando under spot lights!

                      Quattro B                                                       Farewell                    

In 1999, Tracey made a big move from Massachusetts where she had grown up to San Diego.  Tracey was fortunate to get one of the covoted working student positions for Olympian Steffen Peters! 
This is where she and her partner Curioso trained
and were able to debut their Grand Prix. 

Tracey feels honored to call Steffen a friend and tries to get down to San Diego whenever possible to continue her education under her mentor!

A few of the other clinicians that Tracey has studied under include:

German FEI "O" judge Dr Volker Moritz

Conrad Schumacher

FEI "O" judge Axel Steiner

Alfredo Hernandez

Jane Weatherwax

Guenter Seidel, Kathleen Raine, Debbie McDonald,
Gary Rockwell and Morten Thomson to name a few

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t4curioso@yahoo.com  or  (707) 481-2799
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